The boats’ arrival in Port-La-Forêt


1. The Port-La-Forêt marina 2. The birthing of Open 60' monohulls. 3. The Marina extension and the Transat ECOVER BtoB


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1.    The Port-La-Forêt marina

The Port-La-Forêt marina is located in the La Forêt bay, on the territory of La-Forêt-Fouesnant commune. Its birthing capacity is of 1010 boats (960 on pontoons and 50 on moorings).

Commercial facilities such as bars, restaurants, bookshop, laundry services, ATM, clothes shops are open  all year long. A coastal path links the beach to the old La Forêt village, along the 18 holes golf course and the old La Forêt-Fouesnant fishing harbour.

More than 20 companies, located near the marina, are involved in all sailing activities. Construction (from small boats to Open 60’ built by CDK Technologies), repairs, maintenance, chartering, shipchandlers, etc… All these professionals are tending to professional as well as non-professionnal sailors’ needs.

The Port-La-Forêt marina has been equipped with a technology that ensure clean-careen operations (with used water treatment and recycling). A pump system is used for recycling the boat’s used waters and avoid any contamination of the natural environnement. A waste sorting system completes the marina  pro-environnement organization.

2. The birthing of Open 60' monohulls

Sailors and fishermen share their pontoons with the professional offshore sailors who are based in Port-La-Forêt. “PortLaf” is the homeland of the “Offshore Racing Finistere” center, a training center for top sportsmen, whose rankings in offshore racing (Figaro, 60’ multihulls, 60’ monohulls classes) are spectacular.

As of October 2007, Michel DESJOYEAUX, Vincent RIOU and Jean LE CAM professional teams were based in Port-La-Forêt. The marina extension (see hereunder) will enable other teams to be based permanently in PortLaf (Armel LE CLEAC’H and Sebastien JOSSE have confirmed their interest to do so), which will definitively confirm Port-La-Forêt as the center for high-level professional sailing in France.

3. The Marina extension and the Transat ECOVER BtoB

The marina, with a maximum 2 m depth under the marine maps reference, could not, until recently, accommodate permanent birthing for 60’ monohulls.

The 60’ monohulls skippers (who have for a large part undertaken the training of the Finistere Offshore Sailing center) have always expressed their wishes to use Port-La-Forêt as their home port.

In order to enable these boats (which draught is close to 4,50 m) to permanently birth in Port-La-Forêt, and to create 9 to 10 slots suited  to their needs, it was necessary to dig at – 5m a 7000 m2 area and to install ad hoc equipements on a 300 m pontoons length.

These works (total budget of 3,9MEuros) were paid for by the Finistere “Conseil General”, by the Britanny region, and by the SAEM SODEFI Port-La-Forêt (the marina managing organization)  and took place from May to November, 2007.

Such investment was made in direct reference to the long-time involvement of the Finistere Conseil General with the Finistere Offshore Sailing center, and with the objective to strengthen Port-La-Forêt as a major area for professional sailing and birthing area for the 60’ monohulls fleet.

The 2007 Transat ECOVER BtoB winner will be the first to use these new equipements, which shall be completed early December 2007, just in time for the race’s arrival

More information on the race's partners and their actions in favor of high-level sailing :

Pole Finistere Course au Large
Office du tourisme de la Forêt Fouesnant
Commune de la Forêt Fouesnant
Département du Finistere
Région Bretagne








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