December 21 07 - Rich Wilson and Derek Hatfield round off the Transat Ecover BtoB

A relieved Rich Wilson crossed the finish line in Port-La-Forêt this Friday at 13:22:34 UTC and an exhausted Derek Hatfield followed suit at 16:20:21 UTC to take a much deserved 11th and 12th place respectively. With Dee Caffari arriving safely in La Coruna at 2037 UTC the same night, thanks to the Spanish tug boat Ibaizabal Uno, this intriguing Transat ECOVER BtoB 2007 thus sadly draws to a close.


December 19 07 - Jean Baptiste Dejeanty home, Dee Caffari (Aviva) under tow, Rich Wilson and Derek Hatfield due in later this Friday...

Jean Baptiste Dejeanty timed his finish to perfection tonight off Port la Forêt, arriving midway through the prize-giving ceremony for this Transat Ecover BtoB at 20h 21' 45'' UTC, after 20 days 06 hours, 21 minutes and 45 seconds of racing at an average speed of 8.47 knots.


December 19 07 - Explanation from Dee Caffari

After dismasting this Wednesday morning, 160 miles to the North West of La Coruna, Aviva has been trying to shelter from the 45 knot gales currently being served up in the Bay of Biscay. Dee Caffari looks back at the incident...


December 19 07 - Dismasting of Aviva

British sailor Dee Caffari indicated this Wednesday morning to the Race Management of the Transat Ecover-BtoB that she had just dismasted. Fortunately the pieces of mast have not damaged the hull and the sailor is not in danger, 140 miles NW of Cape Finisterre.


December 18 07 - Arnaud 'Cali' Boissières alongside

Arnaud Boissières finally made land this Tuesday at 14h 57' 26'' UTC after 19 days 57 minutes 26 seconds of racing. The Arcachon sailor nicknamed "Cali" thus realises his aim at the start in Salvador de Bahia: qualifying for the next Vendée Globe.


December 17 07 - Cervin EnR at Port la Forêt

Yannick Bestaven crossed the finish line off Port la Forêt at 14h 57' 48'' UTC, after 18 days 57 minutes and 48 secondes. Cervin EnR made a remarkable entrance into the bay of Port la Forêt, arriving in daylight in a fabulous winter light!


December 17 07 - Sam's wave...

The entertainer of this Transat Ecover BtoB, not just on the water, since Samantha Davies takes seventh place, but also during the radio session and via her wealth of photo and video images sent from onboard, the young British skipper looks back at her 4,120 mile course achieved in a time of 17d 17h 38' 46".


December 17 07 - Sam has arrived

The young British skipper crossed the finish line off Port La Forêt this Monday morning at 7 hours 38 minutes 46 seconds UTC, after 17 days 17 hours 38 minutes and 46 seconds of racing. Roxy thus takes seventh place in the Transat Ecover-BtoB.


December 15 07 - The end draws ever closer this Sunday 16th December...

The remaining fleet still racing to the finish of the Transat Ecover BtoB are making good headway now, albeit in stronger but shiftier winds and an icy cold. Early tomorrow morning, British skipper Samantha Davies (Roxy) and French sailor Yannick Bestaven (Cervin EnR) should be our latest arrivals after what is likely to be a really physical zigzag course to reach Brittany, NW France.


December 15 07 - Long final stretch for Bernard Stamm, 6th

Cheminées Poujoulat crossed the finish line at 06h 24' 34'' UTC this Saturday morning after a long beat from the Raz de Sein, the E'ly breeze dropping right off inopportunely throughout the night. Bernard Stamm thus takes sixth place after 15 days 16 hours 24 minutes 34 seconds of racing.


December 14 07 - Safran fifth

Marc Guillemot arrived in Port La Forêt on Friday night at 22 h 25' 44'' UTC after 15 days 08 hours 25 minutes 44 seconds at sea. Safran finished off the race in an E'ly breeze, beating from Penmarc'h to the Beg Meil signal station Brittany. This slowed the skipper's progress and added to the icy cold...


December 14 07 - A great average!

On the occasion of this Transat Ecover-BtoB between Salvador de Bahia and Port la Forêt, the solo sailors have demonstrated that the new 60 foot prototypes are extremely fast, even against the wind: an average of 12.95 knots across the water for the winner, and a deficit of just three and four and a half hours respectively for Kito de Pavant and Michel Desjoyeaux, the latter slowed after hitting a fishing boat just 40 miles from home. But there are still nine solo sailors at sea...


December 14 07 - Eliès in Port la Forêt (Press Conference Quotes from the top 4 below)

Yann Eliès concludes his first single-handed transatlantic race in fourth place in the Transat Ecover-BtoB, finishing at 09h 22' 02'' UTC in a time of 14 days 19 hours 22 minutes 02 seconds. The skipper of Generali benefited from a good SE'ly all the way to the finish line off the Beg Meil signal station.


December 14 07 - Michel Desjoyeaux, initial reactions

It was a serene Michel Desjoyeaux who made Port-la-Forêt in the early hours. Happy to have been able to save his mast following his collision with a local trawler, but above all convinced of the pertinence of his choices in view of the next Vendée Globe...


December 14 07 - Kito de Pavant, first thoughts

It was a visibly happy Kito de Pavant who arrived in Port la Forêt earlier this morning. Satisfied with his performance, his boat and his ranking, which place him between two giants of ocean racing.


December 14 07 - Gitana Eighty first, Groupe Bel second, Foncia third

Kito de Pavant has taken second place in the Transat Ecover-BtoB by crossing the finish line in Port la Forêt, Brittany at 02 hours 22 minutes 49 seconds UTC this Friday. He concedes three hours, nine minutes, forty nine seconds to the event winner, Loïck Peyron. Michel Desjoyeaux arrived in third place.


December 14 07 - Foncia hits a fishing boat

Whilst Loïck Peyron was approaching the finish line off the Beg Meil signal station, NW France, the coastguard indicated to the Race Management of the Transat Ecover-BtoB that Foncia had hit a little boat off Penmarc'h.


December 14 07 - Loïck Peyron winner

Gitana Eighty arrived in Port la Forêt this Thursday at 23h 13' 25'' UTC after fourteen days, nine hours, thirteen minutes twenty-five seconds of racing. Loïck Peyron thus takes victory in his first single-handed transatlantic race aboard his new monohull designed by Farr Yacht Design and built in New Zealand by Southern Ocean Marine.


December 13 07 - Nocturnal arrival

Loïck Peyron is expected to win the Transat Ecover BtoB tonight, probably after midnight UTC. The victory of the skipper of Gitana Eighty no longer seems to be in any doubt, but Kito de Pavant and Michel Desjoyeaux will finish very close together, second place still up for grabs...


December 13 07 - On the homeward straight

No initiative for this final sprint to the finish in Port la Forêt: the direct course is the only possible option and Loïck Peyron shouldn't be worried now about being the first to cross the finish line tonight. The duel between Kito de Pavant and Michel Desjoyeaux for second place continues however as does that between Yannick Bestaven and Samantha Davies in the chasing pack...


December 12 07 - Minefield

Whilst the three leaders are approaching the Spanish coast, a new danger has emerged ahead of their bows: unidentified floating objects which have been ripped off the cargo ships during the storms off Brittany last Sunday... Though Loïck Peyron is still maintaining a 40 mile cushion of advance over the Pavant-Desjoyeaux duo, there's still everything to play for in terms of second place!


December 12 07 - Off Finisterre

Whilst the leader Loïck Peyron is still managing to contain and even extend his lead over the duo hot on his tail, the leading group are approaching the Spanish tip. The chasing pack meantime are only at the Azores, level with Madeira...The weather situation over the Atlantic has completely altered the tone now and the deficits will be pretty hefty at the finish in Port la Forêt!


December 11 07 - Hanging a right!

With less than three days until the first finishers make it to Port la Forêt, the leading group has hung a right on a direct course to Brittany in NW France. Damage is continuing to affect the solo sailors, like Michel Desjoyeaux, who is experiencing bowsprit problems. The chasing pack meantime is wallowing in a high pressure zone.


December 10 07 - Madeira sauce

The sailing conditions have considerably improved for the thirteen solo sailors still racing, following a weakening of the Azores High as it shifts over towards Cape Finisterre. And though Loïck Peyron is maintaining his lead over Kito de Pavant and Michel Desjoyeaux, he is keen to see the arrival of an Atlantic disturbance.


December 10 07 - The Azores breeze

The top trio in the Transat Ecover BtoB have just a thousand miles to go until they reach Port la Forêt. And though the podium is virtually set, the hierarchical order is still very uncertain. Behind the leaders, the battle looks set to rage between the three other groups, who have formed over 3,200 miles of racing!


December 9 07 - Transition

There are only thirteen still racing in the Transat Ecover BtoB, following Armel Le Cléac'h, it was the turn of Mike Golding to throw in the towel, to his bitter disappointment, following an overabundance of electrical issues. And though Loick Peyron is still leading the fleet, the danger now comes from Kito de Pavant and Michel Desjoyeaux, with the least 'handicapped' boats of the fleet...


December 9 07 - Decision time

At the approach to the Azores, the solo sailors in the Transat Ecover BtoB have some decisions to make. The first is associated with which course to adopt in a bid to negotiate the transition zone as best they can and hook onto the downwind conditions, which are set to accompany them as far as Port-la-Forêt. The choices will clearly depend on the damage affecting a fleet still in its preparation phase: race or fast delivery…


December 9 07 - Retirement of Mike GOLDING in the Transat ECOVER BtoB

Following considerable damage and technical problems, the British sailor, MIKE GOLDING was forced to retired from the TRANSAT ECOVER BtoB last night, after 9 days of racing. At the 1700 UTC ranking yesterday he was positioned in 7th place. Please see the details below.


December 8 07 - Limping through the tradewinds

After reading the latest rankings from the Transat Ecover-BtoB, it would seem obvious that several monohulls have been experiencing more or less serious damage over the past few days. The radio session confirmed this impression for Marc Guillemot, Yann Eliès, Jean-Baptiste Dejeanty, Dee Caffari... There aim will nevertheless be to complete the race without pushing their machines too hard.


December 8 07 - Keel locked on Safran

Around 0700 UTC Marc Guillemot contacted his shore crew to inform them of the damage that had occured an hour earlier: breakage of the keel cyclinder shaft. Marc has repaired it by locking the keel in its axis and continuing towards Brittany and La Forêt-Fouesnant.


December 8 07 - Single file...

At the end of the ninth day of racing for the fourteen solo sailors still racing, the trajectories have closed together markedly in the E'ly tradewinds, which are easing progressively. Loïck Peyron has made the most of the situation to break away again but at over 1,600 miles from the finish, he will have to aim for a narrow corridor of wind between a high pressure zone and an Atlantic disturbance.


December 7 07 - Triumvirate!

It’s a capital moment after eight days at sea since Yann Eliès, Marc Guillemot and Loïck Peyron are now positioned virtually the same distance from the goal, Port la Forêt, now 1,950 miles ahead! Behind this trio, the pressure is on there too, with a great comeback by Kito de Pavant and Michel Desjoyeaux... The chasing pack has also bunched up with the tradewinds getting a little breathless.


December 7 07 - High pressure in the anticyclone

Though Loïck Peyron is still leading in the Transat Ecover-BtoB as he sails between Cape Verde and the Canaries, the skipper of Gitana Eighty is having to withstand increasing pressure from Marc Guillemot and Yann Eliès... as well as Kito de Pavant and Michel Desjoyeaux!


December 6 07 - Carried by the wind...

The weather conditions have become more difficult over the past few hours with the arrival of stronger E to NE'ly tradewinds, which sometimes exceed thirty knots. Under reduced sail area, the fourteen solo sailors are lying low whilst Armel Le Cléac'h is motoring towards the Cape Verde archipelago.


December 6 07 - The long route...

After the retirement of Brit Air yesterday following its dismasting, the fourteen solo sailors still racing are now heading due North to traverse the Southern edge of the Azores High. A very long tack without any particular climatic change, the only really difference being the startling comeback made by Safran on the leader Gitana Eighty...


December 5 07 - Tradewinds and dismasting

Armel Le Cleac'h is heading towards the Cape Verde archipelago after dismasting shortly before lunchtime UTC, whilst sailing in the tradewinds again. Pretty much all the fleet in the Transat Ecover BtoB have hit the trades now, with Loick Peyron leading the way and heading due North towards the Canaries at an average of over 13 knots...


December 5 07 - Dismasting of BRIT AIR (Lunchtime Radio Session Quotes below)

"It was at 1130 UTC this Wednesday 5th December that Armel Le Cléac’h contacted his shore crew and sponsor to alert them about the dismasting of his 60' monohull. The damage occurred prior to midday whilst BRIT AIR, 5th in the Transat B to B, was sailing under 1 reef and staysail at around 9°N. The Breton skipper is fine. Further information about the dismasting over the coming hours."


December 5 07 - Atlantic Orbital

The leading group in the Transat Ecover BtoB has escaped the doldrums: Loïck Peyron is leading the dance in a fifteen knots NE'ly, a sign that the tradewinds have now kicked in. The chasing pack led by Sam Davies should extract themselves from the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone in a few hours time...


December 4 07 - Anything that can go wrong...

Exit the tunnel, get out of the doldrums, extract yourself from the light conditions, bring this meteorological magma to an end, this is the leitmotif for the fifteen solo sailors in the Transat Ecover-BtoB, who are all caught in the clutches of this climatic ‘octopus’. Loïck Peyron looks to be the best placed to make good his escape before the others, not simply because he is leading but above all because he is the furthest North.


December 4 07 - Audacity prevails

You just have to look at the speeds and trajectories of the competitors in the Transat Ecover B to B to understand that the doldrums is exactly as they'd feared. Active, unpredictable, it seems to be working well for Marc Guillemot to the West and Michel Desjoyeaux. Time will tell though, perhaps the situation will be reversed this afternoon…


December 3 07 - Coloured by doubt?

The top eight in the Transat Ecover- BtoB are already in the doldrums, or its beginnings at least, enveloped by sombre cumulo-nimbus, a watery sun if they're lucky, a slowly easing breeze and stifling heat... And though there are only 3000 miles to go until Port La Foret, the next few miles are going to be long and testing!


December 3 07 - Eyes heavenwards

There has been a big acceleration at the front of the Transat Ecover-BtoB on this fourth day of racing: the seven leaders and their closest rivals are already into the Northern hemisphere, the frontrunners having crossed the equator at around midnight. On the horizon, the all too familiar clouds, which are characteristic of a good old-fashioned serving of the doldrums!


December 2 07 - Doldrums abound!

"Sunday at the equator": the story behind the Transat Ecover-BtoB is a simple one on this the fourth day of racing! Up front, the two leaders are making over 14 knots on a NNE'ly heading with the tradewinds on their beam, just a few miles ahead of six other solo sailors: Foncia snatched control of the fleet from Generali mid radio session with the Race HQ at the Paris Boat Show today...


December 2 07 - Equator ahoy!

Whilst a fifteen knot tradewind are still present in the East, the fleet of the Transat Ecover BtoB is gently lengthening its stride as it distances itself from the Brazilian coast. Calm conditions and a suffocating heating mark the end of this third day of racing with the solo sailors now having to define conduct in order to cross into the other hemisphere.


December 1 07 - Hot inside!

The fleet of the Transat Ecover-BtoB has split into two groups after 48 hours of racing: the first is bunched tightly together for a passage of the equator scheduled for Sunday evening, the second already stretches back from Maisonneuve and latecomer Aviva...


December 1 07 - Skirting under Brazil

The fifteen monohulls in the Transat Ecover-BtoB have reaped the benefits of an E'ly wind shift to skirt the tip of Recife. The top eight are now making over eleven knots of boatspeed en route to the equator, with the pace set to pick up still further...


November 30 07 - Little train

In an established fifteen to twenty knot E-NE tradewind, the fleet in the Transat Ecover-BtoB are making an average of ten knots of boatspeed towards the equator. The fifteen solo sailors are looking forward to the wind clocking round to the East, which will enable them to get away from the Brazilian coast on a single tack.


November 30 07 - Cosy night

The fifteen monohulls have spent a fairly calm first night in a tradewind, which is gradually building as the fleet gain easting: the opportunity to change tack and target the tip of Recife. Bernard Stamm has gained control over the fleet, though his fellow solo sailors are lined up on the same heading just a few miles apart laterally.


November 28 07 - Crunch time approaches

1400 GMT tomorrow will see fifteen solo sailors begin fifteen days at sea: the Transat Ecover-BtoB will set off on Thursday 29th November from Salvador de Bahia for 4,200 miles, destination Port la Forêt, Brittany, NW France. The state of play a day from the start...


November 27 07 - Back to normal

After a Transat Jacques Vabre characterised by some unusual weather conditions across the Atlantic, the situation is gradually returning to normal and the fifteen monohulls who are going to take the start on Thursday 29th November will have some choices to make after the doldrums.


November 26 07 - Step by step

4,200 miles lay ahead of the competitors racing between Brazil and Brittany: the fifteen solo sailors who set out on Thursday 29th November off the Bahia Yacht Club will have to be prepared for a varied course which will include a passage of the equator, then the doldrums, prior to negotiating the Azores and most likely a depression system at the finish.


November 25 07 - In line of sight

Competitors above all else! The majority of competitors in this return single-handed transatlantic race would have us believe that their goal above all else is to get back to Europe, qualify for the race and validate a few modifications in view of the Vendée Globe. However, we only have to take a quick look back at the same configuration four years ago, during the return transatlantic race from Bahia to La Rochelle: Mike Golding won the event on Ecover 2 in 16 days 14 hours 24 minutes at an average of 10.34 knots; after a fierce battle with Vincent Riou, whilst Alex Thomson exploded the reference distance over 24 hours, single-handed in a monohull with 468.72 miles (19.53 knot average), a record which still stands!


November 24 07 - Race start set for November 29th

Following discussions with the fifteen representatives of the Imoca monohulls, the Race Management of the Transat Ecover-BtoB has fixed the start off the Salvador de Bahia Yacht Club late morning on 29th November. This 4,200 mile course bound for the Forêt-Fouesnant in North West France will have no course marks after the bay and should take around a dozen days to complete.


November 15 07 - The battle ahead

A single-handed transatlantic race reserved for Imoca monohulls, the new race between Brazil and Brittany - The Transat B to B – looks like bringing together over half of the contenders from the forthcoming Vendée Globe. More than 4000 miles to sail between Salvador da Bahia and the port of La Forêt-Fouesnant, as winter arrives…


November 9 07 - Ecover, new title partner

Ecover become the main title partner for the race, which will now called the Transat Ecover-BtoB. A sponsorship agreement was signed between the organisers and Ecover, who will now join forces with the institutional partners of Finistère, the Breton Region and the Forêt Fouesnant of North West France





December 21 07

Rich Wilson and Derek Hatfield round off the Transat Ec...

December 19 07

Explanation from Dee Caffari

December 19 07

Dismasting of Aviva

December 19 07

Jean Baptiste Dejeanty home, Dee Caffari (Aviva) under ...

December 18 07

Arnaud 'Cali' Boissières alongside

December 17 07

Cervin EnR at Port la Forêt

December 17 07

Sam has arrived

December 17 07

Sam's wave...

December 15 07

Long final stretch for Bernard Stamm, 6th

December 15 07

The end draws ever closer this Sunday 16th December...




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