22 décembre 07 - Dee Caffari : Aviva / Dee Caffari et Aviva à bon port à La Corogne

C’est à 20h37 TU aujourd’hui (21/12/07) que Dee Caffari et son 60 pieds démâté Aviva sont arrivés à La Corogne, voyant ainsi la fin de leur mésaventure dans le Golfe de Gascogne qui aura duré en tout 60 heures. La recordwoman britannique, qui avait démâté mercredi matin, a passé les dernières 28 heures à la barre de son 60 pieds Open blessé pendant que le remorqueur espagnol, Ibaizabal Uno, la ramenait vers l’Espagne.


21 décembre 07 - Rich Wilson : Great American III / It’s really a big relief to have made it into port!

It’s really a big relief to have made it into port! I'm not sure if I enjoyed it! It was very hard. A couple of nights ago we had a lot of wind. The motion was very violent and it was very physical. Not surprising I guess when you head into the Bay of Biscay in December. I’ve learned a lot about the boat certainly. I’ve basically spent the past 3 months sailing on the boat as we started off by delivering the boat across the Atlantic from Massachusetts for the TJV. I’ve done 14,000 miles since October 6th! That’s a lot of sailing and I’m really tired.


21 décembre 07 - Derek Hatfield : Spirit of Canada / Well here I am! It's been a struggle all the way to the end

It just wouldn't let up. For the past 4 days I've have 30 - 40 and then 28-30 knots today. At 40 knots the boat banks really hard and just bangs constantly. I'm bruised and battered because of the movement of the boat. You feel so weak. The boat is very jerky. There's always lots of motion and action....


21 décembre 07 - Dee Caffari : Aviva / Remorquage en cours pour Aviva

C’est à 16h30 TU hier (jeudi) qu’un gros remorqueur de La Corogne en Espagne avec un moteur de 4000CV a réussi à prendre en remorque le 60 pieds Open Aviva démâté. L’équipage du HMS Northumberland a aidé le bateau espagnol à réaliser l’opération et Dee progresse actuellement vers le port au Nord du pays....


20 décembre 07 - Dee Caffari : Aviva / HMS Northumberland lends their support to Dee Caffari onboard stricken Open 60 yacht Aviva

Naval frigate, HMS Northumberland has lent its support to the rescue of Dee Caffari following the dismasting of Aviva yesterday morning. The Naval Frigate learnt of Caffari’s difficulties from Falmouth coast guard whilst en-route back from the Mediterranean for Christmas leave. The Commanding Officer, Martin Simpson, sent a message directly to Caffari onboard Aviva that they were 85 nautical miles away and able to make a small alteration course to offer assistance until a tug arrives today...


20 décembre 07 - Dee Caffari : Aviva / ********** AVIVA FINAL REPORT *******

Aviva GBR 111 Position awaiting Tow in Atlantic British Warship Northumberland on stand by It has been 30 hours since Aviva was dismasted and I am still bobbing around in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The good news is that the weather has improved. The sky has cleared the rain has stopped and the wind has abated. The swell is still at large and the relentless rolling onboard Aviva is uncomfortable to say the least.


19 décembre 07 - Rich Wilson : Great American III / Our plan to sail the Vendee Globe is to create a global school program

Finally out of the Azores doldrums, we have been rocketing across toward the coast with a position report average speed of 13.75 knots for the last time segment, and periodic sprints to 19 knots. Went through the inventory from reacher and full main to solent to 1st reef to staysail to 2nd reef, nearly into 3rd reef in order to gain options on heading higher as the low comes across...


18 décembre 07 - Arnaud Boissières : Akena Vérandas / Speed: 9 knots, Course: 60 deg. Position: 47,35.40N , 5,19.81W

UTC Time: 18. decembre 2007 03:03 bonjour,c'est sur ,il fait frais...dans 5jours ,on retourne à Bahia!? Tout va bien quand meme,dans le froid et la bonne humeur! Arnaud Akena Verandas


17 décembre 07 - Derek Hatfield : Spirit of Canada / I am only 100 miles from the Cape Finisterre shipping control lanes

Hello from Spirit of Canada A tough sailing day today with winds shifting in direction and strength, going from 12 knots up to 25 knots. So I have been spending a lot of time on deck putting in reefs and taking them out....


17 décembre 07 - Dee Caffari : Aviva / A wet, windy and wild day sailing today

Day Ninteen Report @ 2233hrs UT Aviva GBR 111 Position 41 19.6N 14 28.5W COG 065 SOG 12.1 A wet, windy and wild day sailing today. Covering the miles at these speeds is great and makes the reality of finishing much greater. It has definitely been a race of all sorts and has tested me to the limit both mentally and physically


16 décembre 07 - Derek Hatfield : Spirit of Canada / 5000 Spirit of Canada Team Members

Hello from Spirit of Canada 16 December 2007 More downwind sailing with full mainsail and Code O. There is between 12 and 15 knots of wind and we are almost making a direct course for the finish line. My prediction is for my finish sometime late Wednesday....


16 décembre 07 - Dee Caffari : Aviva / The wind arrived, the waves picked up and we were off

Day Eighteen Report @ 2217hrs UT Aviva GBR 111 Position 38 31.7N 20 46.7W COG 067 SOG 16.8 The wind arrived, the waves picked up and we were off. Surfing at speeds of up to 20 knots it was a relief. ...


16 décembre 07 - Samantha Davies : Roxy / I've been playing solitaire and minesweeper

Hello! It is a cold black night out here. I've got 2 pairs of socks on, hat gloves, the works! It's freezing! Especially as we're going upwind in 20 knots of wind - that adds a reasonable wind chill factor!...


15 décembre 07 - Derek Hatfield : Spirit of Canada / The wind is back!

Hello from Spirit of Canada 15 December 15, 2007 The wind is back! Finally we have some decent wind, albeit from the south it is a welcome change from that heinous area behind us that held us for so many hours. I’m sailing a direct course to the finish line at speed so it feels great....


15 décembre 07 - Dee Caffari : Aviva / Keep your fingers crossed.

Day Seventeen Report @ 2310hrs UT Aviva GBR 111 Position 36 40.8N 25 23.1W COG 063 SOG 6.8 After finally finding some breeze and closing a little distance to the finish line for once I was becalmed once more. As the sun set the wind died and I was left wallowing in the swell....


15 décembre 07 - Samantha Davies : Roxy / Une nuit difficile

Hello everybody C'est tres difficile, depuis hier nuit avec un vent super instable avec une mer croise (houle de WSW, vagues d'est...) Le vent est entre 10 et 25 noeuds et bascules de 40 degrees, alors le choix de voile est compliquee, et il faut etre dessus tout le temps. Je suis fatiguee, et en plus ROXY n'est pas content!...


14 décembre 07 - Derek Hatfield : Spirit of Canada / I am starting to feel the anxiety now with over 1000 miles to go

Hello from Spirit of Canada 14 December 2007 Overall it’s been a good sailing day but still not a lot of wind. On average about 8 knots of wind from the southeast so we are going off the wind for a change....


14 décembre 07 - Dee Caffari : Aviva / I am sure I will soon be complaining of too much wind.

Day Sixteen Report @ 2309hrs UT Aviva GBR 111 Position 35 08.6N 27 16.9W COG 042 SOG 8.1 Finally, we are moving and as the day has developed the movement has even been in the right direction...


14 décembre 07 - Mike Golding : Ecover / IN AT LAST

Mike Golding et ECOVER 3 ont enfin touché terre à Ténérife aux alentours de 04 heures ce matin, après une décevante et frustrante navigation. Après avoir subi les pannes mécaniques et électriques qui l'ont forcé à l'abandon dans la Transat ECOVER BtoB qui relie le Brésil à la Bretagne, Mike a dû encore faire face à de pénibles conditions météo, handicapé par des pilotes automatiques peu conciliants et une électronique limitée. L'équipe à terre d'ECOVER 3 était depuis deux jours à Ténérife pour préparer l'arrivée du bateau et s'apprête maintenant à le réparer sommairement puis à le convoyer dans de bonnes conditions vers l'Europe où l'attend une bonne séance en chantier. « Ces derniers jours étaient particulièrement pénibles et frustrants. Je suis déçu de ne pas être à Port La Forêt avec les premiers; finir comme ça n'est vraiment pas agréable. Nous avons beaucoup de travail. » commentait Mike hier.


13 décembre 07 - Derek Hatfield : Spirit of Canada / I think the winner must be almost finished by now

Hello from Spirit of Canada – 13th Dec 2007 The slow sailing persists in this high pressure zone and it looks it will be around for a while. I didn’t make much progress overnight last night and this morning the sea was rolling glass....








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